Embracing the present ME!

My last blog entry at http://www.tohgina.blogspot.com was in Dec 2012! That’s almost 1.5 years ago. I’d been wanting to revive the blog but I’d been giving myself way too many excuses not to do so! Anyway, 1.5 years later, many things have changed in my life. An unhappy event during this time made me discover myself, allow me to live again, with a new discovery and definition of the people and relationships around me. I am no longer that same lady 1.5 years ago. Today, with my age passing the big 30s, and recent experience, I am a woman. I still may not be as mature and wise as I hope to, but with the new discovery of myself, I have learnt an important lesson – to love myself more. Only after I have love myself, I can afford to love others more. So that’s how I decided to start a new blog with a new start, because I’m a new me today.

A lady at age 23

A lady at age 23

A woman at  age 31

A woman at age 31

I used to dread aging and the big 30s. After half a year, I’d not only accepted it, but I’d learn to embrace it. I used to be worried about aging and I know I certainly don’t look as youthful and pretty as I was in mid-twenties. But I learnt over the past one year that no one can define me except myself. I will absolutely give no one the permission to define who I am anymore. I am God’s child, not a perfect work, but a piece of clay in process. I am His creation. I am His works. I am who He made me to be. I am who I choose and define myself to be. I am who I am. And I love myself.