About Me

Shalom from Gina!

I’d spent 31 years of my life growing up on a small but developed and metropolitan island of Singapore.

I started this blog because I believe that our thoughts will frame our words; and our words will, in turn, frame our world. Just as how God created the world with His Word, so do we have the power to create our world. As I share about my world, may my words also define my world and myself.

This will be a blog where I’ll write about my life, people and things that I love e.g. my family, friends, work, and food.

I’ll also pen down my innermost thoughts, fear, love, inspirations, and emotions. I’m not an absolutely positive woman, so don’t expect me to act all bubbly and inspirational here. I’m not going to put up a mask on my own blog, but what you can expect though, is a real human who’s growing day by day, little by little. Sometimes life will take me a step backwards, and this is where I vent to push myself to fight my battles in life again. And of course, don’t forget to rejoice with me in my small victories, and simple joys of the day.

Remember, life is as beautiful as we define it to be.



One thought on “About Me

  1. Delighted to have come across your blog! I love the whole idea and the topics you’re covering. Keep it coming!
    Nice “About”! Esp the line “this is where I vent to push myself to fight my battles in life again”. That is so me! It’s a wonderful feeling to see that people in so many different parts of the world can think so much alike.


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